Area Rugs

Information on a stylish and durable flooring option for your home.

Area Rugs


The Benefits of Area Rugs

Area rugs offer a wide range of home benefits, many of which you may not have considered. Here's just a few of the most popular and intriguing of these benefits:

Improved Insulation

Wooden floors are gorgeous, but they are often cold to your feet. They also tend to leach out a high amount of heat, which is why they go so well with area rugs. Placing one or more on a wooden floor will make it warmer, and trap more heat in or out of your home. It also helps avoid the kind of slippage that can occur on hardwood floors, keeping you and your family safe.

Quick Makeover Method

Is your home suffering from a stagnant style? Simply throw down an area rug or two for a quick home makeover. Try to match them with the shape and style of your home. For example, a round one will best accentuate a wide room, while a rectangular one will look best in a narrower room. You should also make sure to emphasize the colors in your room by choosing a rug that almost, but doesn't quite, match the tone of your walls and flooring.

Easier To Clean

Cleaning carpets may require renting out an expensive carpet cleaner and cleaning your whole house. Cleaning an area rug requires knocking the dirt off outside and focusing on a much smaller surface. As a result, they are easier to clean, which makes it more likely that you'll clean them regularly. This also decreases the danger of mold buildup in your rug.

Area rugs can be an excellent addition to just about any home. For more information on how an area rug can function within your home, visit us today in Shelby Township, MI or give us a call at 586-932-3419.