Bigelow Stainmaster Carpet

Information on an incredibly durable carpet option!

Bigelow Stainmaster Carpet

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly carpet choice that is built to battle tough competitors, consider Bigelow Stainmaster carpet for your life. An ideal flooring choice for busy homes that have heavy foot traffic.

Tough Against Staining

With proper maintenance and care, your Bigelow Stainmaster carpet can look great for years to come. The Nylon fiber made up of the product is more resistant to UV-Rays than most carpet. Color fading can be less of a concern.

Forceful cleaning agents are a carpet’s worst nightmare. The Bigelow Stainmaster, while not foolproof, does a much better job resisting that staining that can come from these cleaning agents.

Fights Back Against Dirt

One of the most common reasons carpets can fade and deteriorate, is the amount of dirt that can seep to the bottom can be nearly impossible to manage. Bigelow Stainmaster’s are designed with technology that centers on soil resistance. Your carpet will block soil and dirt from falling to the bottom. This makes regular maintenance that much easier!

Environemntally Friendly
Made of 6.6 Nylon fibers, the Bigelow Stainmaster carpet is a recyclable material. This makes this option ideal for those who are concerned about the impact their purchase may have on the world as a whole.

Bigelow Stainmaster Carpets provide shoppers an option that is stylish and extremely durable when it comes to battling the tough opponents. For more information on the Bigelow Stainmaster Carpet, contact Shelby Design Center today! A member of our dedicated and professional staff is excited to work with you.

Bigelow Stainmaster Carpet - Shelby Township