Carpet Types

Information on the different types of carpet to consider for your lifestyle.

Understanding Carpet Flooring Types

When it comes to figuring out the style of carpet for your room or home there are many designs to choose from. The look, the texture, and the manufacturing process can change the style of a carpet and make a huge impact on the look of an entire space. The tactile quality or the hand of the carpet is most often determined by the yarn size or length and the way that the yarn is finished. The finishing is usually in the form of cut pile, loop pile, or cut-loop pile (a combination of the two). To have a better understanding of the various carpet flooring types here is a guide to the different carpet types.

Cut Pile
Cut pile is where the top of the loops of yarn are sheared off in the manufacturing process. The ends of the yarn open up and create a softer and more plush touch.
  • Cable - manufactured with thicker and longer yarn than most, that combines two or more yarns into a single tuft.
  • Frieze - created by twisting the yarns to create a curly texture to the surface. This type of carpet is often considered a trackless carpet because it resists marks.
  • Saxony - the classic look for a cut pile carpet. The fibers are heat-set and make the fibers stand up straight for a plush feel.
  • Shag - long pile tufts that are manufactured in random directions. This added length means that the yarn lies down and becomes the traffic surface.
  • Velvet - densely packed yarns that are cut for a smooth and plush finish. 
Loop Pile
Loop Pile is where the loops of yarn are not sheared off and the loops create a textured finish.
  • Level Loop - all the loops are manufactured at the same pile height, this creates a smooth finish that is great for high traffic areas.
  • Multi-Loop - the pile height of the loops vary and can create a pattern on the surface of the carpet.
Cut-Loop Pile
Cut-Loop Pile is where both cut and loop yarns are in a single carpet, creating visual interest and patterns.
  • Random Shear - manufactured with random higher loops that are sheared. Also sometimes considered as a tip shear.
  • Level and Cut Loop - Patterns in the carpet are made with cut and loop fibers, and can also be known as a pattern cut pile.

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