Cork Flooring

Information on the benefits of cork flooring.

Benefits of Cork Flooring

Cork flooring can often provide people with a lot of style for not a lot of cash. The corked boards are made with oak trees for a unique texture in your home. Plus, your environmental footprint can be controlled with cork flooring because it's possible to harvest the cork without damaging the trees. 

Looks Great and Handles It All

Cork can handle your heavy appliances, along with lots of foot traffic and any less-than-careful treatment your family members may dish out on a daily basis. It's built to be resilient and still look good through it all. It would be difficult to put noticeable dents or scratches into the material due to its nature. If you have a theater room or a music room where people practice their instruments, cork is also excellent for absorbing the sounds and vibrations so the people below can work or relax in peace. It can mean fewer fights and more peaceful nights. 

Warms You Up 

Cork is designed to stay warm under your feet, unlike stone or tile (and even sometimes hardwood.) While it may not have the same function as carpet in this regard, it's a good choice for those who may not want to use carpet in a specific area. This can help keep your energy bills at a minimum, and increase the overall experience of being in the room. 

Keeps the Air Clean

Cork flooring is designed to absorb harmful particles from the air, making this type of flooring beloved by those who suffer from certain types of allergies. You won't see dust collect the same way you would on a carpet or hardwood floor, and there's even a wax that can be added to cork flooring that will keep bugs from making their home on your floors. 

No Trees Lost 

As mentioned, this type of floor doesn't require the damaging of trees. Instead, the manufacturers use the bark from the oak trees, which will eventually be replenished by the tree's natural life cycle. 

Versatile and Fun 

Whether you want to put it in a hallway, a shed or your dining room, there will be an option that will match with your home. You can stain the cork to get the color and look you want, or you can leave it untreated for a natural finish. The look and feel of cork is meant to go anywhere!

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