Hardwood Flooring

Nothing can beat the natural beauty of hardwood floors.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood is an excellent choice of flooring for any home. It has so many benefits that they will astonish you. This flooring never goes out of style and it lasts for many generations. The beauty compliments any type of décor in any room, no matter the size or furnishings. These floors are very easy to clean, can be restored and in most cases. Wood has the natural insulation built into it to reduce your cooling bills in the summer all while adding strength to the structure of your home.

There is a huge array of styles, colors and grains to choose from when considering remodeling a home or building a home from the ground up. Stains in a rainbow of colors and hues can be added to suit any need you may have.

Hardwood flooring is recommended for families with allergies because it doesn’t harbor dirt, dust, allergens and dog dander as carpeting does. It is also easy to clean without the need for harsh chemicals, such as in carpet cleaning solutions, which can also aggravate allergies.

This flooring is durable and long lasting. It can be sanded and refinished rather than replaced. Therefore, this makes it an investment in your home and considering how long it lasts, it justifies the initial cost.

Environmental Benefits
Wood is the renewable material available in flooring. New trees are planted to grow through sustainable forest management so that the supply is never exhausted. The growth of hardwoods per year is much greater than the removal rate.

Trees produce oxygen as they grow. After the wood flooring is installed in a home, it stores the carbon during the life of service. It takes much less energy and water to produce wood flooring, and after it is removed, it can be used as fuel by burning it or it can be recycled.

You will find that few flooring options are more durable and beautiful than the look of natural wood.

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