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Don't settle for less, settle for the best for worry-free living with Lees!

Are you debating on getting new flooring and are deciding between carpet or hard surface flooring? Have you been putting off getting that brand new, crisp carpet in fear of spills or everyday use from your family? You’re not the only one to think that way. Classic Carpet One Floor & Home in Shelby Township, MI is here to help determine which flooring category and brand is best for you.

During our Lees Flooring Sale going on through April 10th, we are here to tell you why Relax, It’s… Lees is the best flooring and carpet option for you. Lees is built to last and qualifies as one of the best stain protected carpets available in the flooring market. Why?


  • Extra Loc Backing – Our ExtraLoc backing is built with integrity and strength to withstand heavy traffic from kids, pets, and those holiday gatherings.
  • Lees 4X Protection – there are so many different materials and fivers carpet can be made from. With Lees 4X protection, the carpet is made with nylon fibers making it very easy to clean up any spills or messes. This helps prevent stains for up to four times longer than other traditional carpets with stain protection.
  • Ultra25 Stain Warranty – we cover stains that are not typically covered in other warranties. Stains like pet accidents, bleach, mustard and coffee are covered under our 25 year NO EXCLUSIONS warranty.

All in all, you get quality carpet from Relax, It’s… Lees which means fewer headaches for you and more time enjoying your brand new flooring.

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