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Ceramic, Porcelain, & Stone Tile


Tile Options For Your Home

Ceramic, porcelain, and stone tile are the most popular tile compositions that homeowners choose from. Each type of tile offers different benefits, which are important to consider when choosing the best flooring option for your home.

Ceramic tiles are made of a mixture of hardened clay, sand, and other varied natural materials. Porcelain tiles are actually a type of ceramic tile which is created with quartz and feldspar fired at extremely high temperatures. These materials and their firing process result in a denser and more water resistant tile. This makes porcelain a good choice for areas with high moisture or exposure to the outdoors. This is especially helpful in freezing temperatures, because porcelain tiles are less impacted by the freeze-thaw cycle that can crack other types of flooring. Porcelain tile’s extra durability makes it more difficult to cut and adhere, which could result in extra installation costs.

Stone tile is the most durable of the three, and is therefore the best type for high traffic areas in the home. It is of course made of natural stone, which is known to be porous, so applying a sealant is highly recommended to keep the tile from absorbing stains.

If price and durability are less of a factor than appearance, it’s best to visit us and view different samples of each type of tile. Stone tiles are most admired for their earthy appearance, though ceramic tile and porcelain tile can both be customized to emulate the look of natural stone. Stop by Shelby Design Center today or give us a call at 586-932-3419.